6ya Alternatives

6ya Alternatives


6ya is evolving the way you shop for and use your products from the touch of your phone. Our app seamlessly connects you, the consumer, with product experts to help you make more informed decisions during every part of the product’s lifecycle, from buying to installing, operating, upgrading and replacing. And we do it in 6 minutes or less.

Whether you need to know which product is right for you or whether or not it's time to call a repair person, 6ya offers relief in a way that has never before been seen in retail. We are not customer support; we are customer peace of mind. 6ya's growing and talented pool of thoroughly vetted experts are available when you need to connect, instantly. We'll all soon wonder how we ever lived without 6ya.

Best 6ya Alternatives

When deciding on the best 6ya alternative, consider these alternatives. Check out these other software with a similar interface and features as well.




Network of local verified geeks who can help you with in-home computer repair, tv mounting, home theater setup, and more, all at very affordable prices.

6ya Reviews

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