App Privacy Policy Generator Alternatives

App Privacy Policy Generator Alternatives

App Privacy Policy Generator

App Privacy Policy Generator is a simple webapp that can be used to generate generic Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for your apps.

Best App Privacy Policy Generator Alternatives

Lets compare the best apps like App Privacy Policy Generator, shall we? We've picked out some really great programs for your platform. Check them out!

FreemiumMacWindowsChrome OS

GDPR Compliance Platform for Online Businesses. Simplify murky legal requirements with a complete set of cookie consent and policy management solutions.


  • Built-in Terminal
  • Privacy focused
  • Web Development



iubenda solves the problem of generating, managing and keeping up to date the privacy policy for your website.



CommercialSoftware as a Service (SaaS)

TRUENDO auto-generates a privacy policy for websites, that is transparent and easy-to-understand thereby building trust.

Privacy Policy Generator

Privacy Policy Generator


Privacy Policy Generator from TermsFeed generates privacy policies agreements for websites. Hundreds of people are using the Privacy Policy Generator to stay compliant...

Termageddon, LLC

Termageddon, LLC


Termageddon is an automatic website and app policy generator that creates Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers and End User License Agreements that update...

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