Application Paths Editor Alternatives

Application Paths Editor Alternatives

Application Paths Editor

Application Paths Editor is a portable Windows program to Add, Edit and delete Application Paths in a quick and safe way, so you can decide what are the commands Windows will recognize and what they will execute, so you can put less shortcuts on your desktop or in your Windows folder and you will know what is running with each command.

Application Paths are registry Keys and values that are made for that issue...when you type a command on the Run dialog, Windows is searching the search path and the registry keys of Application Path to find the actual location of the program and execute it.

Important note for Windows 7 users, to launch the legacy Run dialog you have to press on Windows Key + R, Application Paths will not work from the Start->search run dialog unless the App Path command name will be the same as the original executable name.

Best Application Paths Editor Alternatives

Hate Application Paths Editor? Use another browser! Which one should you go with? Try out these other browsers before making your final decision. Want some more context? We've got a great list of alternatives to Application Paths Editor here.

Rapid Environment Editor

Rapid Environment Editor


Rapid Environment Editor (RapidEE) is an environment variables editor. It includes easy to use GUI and replaces small and inconvenient Windows edit box. RapidEE 5.x...


  • Multiple languages
  • Portable
  • System Info
Path Editor (Open Source)

Path Editor (Open Source)

FreeOpen SourceWindows

Edit PATH environment on Windows conveniently. The default environment editor is not great at editing PATH if there are lot of entries and many of them are similar...

Application Paths Editor Reviews

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