Assembly | Employee Recognition Alternatives

Assembly | Employee Recognition Alternatives

Assembly | Employee Recognition

Assembly is a free recognition and rewards platform that aims to grow and sustain your company’s culture by empowering all employees to recognize their peers. The platform works well for teams of all sizes while remaining affordable for long-term growth. Assembly has helped companies achieve 95% employee engagement. Offers a variety of useful features to make adoption easy including Slack Integration, Custom Culture Rewards, and 75+ Gift Cards of Choice to get your peers the perfect reward for their excellent work.

Best Assembly | Employee Recognition Alternatives

Employee Recognition alternative, consider these alternatives. Check out these other software with a similar interface and features as well.




We help our customers build a better relationship with employees based on reinforcement of behaviors that matter. How? Through an open platform for employees to...


  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Recognition
  • Employee Rewards



Kudos is hosted employee recognition software that enhances employee engagement and team communication.

Assembly | Employee Recognition Reviews

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