Autofill Forms Alternatives

Autofill Forms Alternatives

Autofill Forms

Autofill Forms enables you to fill out web forms with one click.


Easy configuration with a simple interface
Fills out web forms with one click or a keyboard shortcut
Input fields not automatically matched can be filled out via the context menu
Features a completely customizable ruleset to determine the input for each form element
Provides a simple rule editor to define custom rules
Advanced users can customize the ruleset using JavaScript regular expressions
Works with input fields, textareas, selections, checkboxes, radio buttons and any valid form fields
Allows to use multiline input with line break tags
Allows dynamically created input data using special dynamic tags
Profiles can be used to switch betweeen several sets of rules
Possibility to define site specific profiles and rules
Automatically selects the best matching profile based on the assigned site
Possibility to define a global profile
Profiles can be exported and imported
Provides the possibility to define alternatives inside a profile
Allows to add new rules or complete forms as profiles via the context menu of form fields
Can be used with a toolbar button, a statusbar icon, a keyboard shortcut or via the context menu
Completely customizable interface (buttons, icons and menus can be enabled/disabled)
Provides customizable keyboard shortcuts
Only active when filling out forms so it doesn't consume any system resources while surfing
Provides secure encryption for the stored form data using Firefox Master Password
Integrates with the Secure Login add-on

Best Autofill Forms Alternatives

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Fillr Autofill - The world's most intelligent autofill is coming to desktop! Autofill so good, it will change the way you transact online forever.


  • Google Chrome Extensions
  • Data-encryption
  • Forms



InFormEnter is a form-filler add-on for Firefox. It adds a small clickable icon next to every input field in a web-form so that you can select the item to be inserted...


  • Firefox Extensions
  • Multiple languages



A Browser Extension to Simply Fill Forms. The Simplest and Easiest Form Filler ever. SimpleFill is an Extension or Add-on for browsers like Chrome and Firefox. You...


  • Google Chrome Extensions
  • Firefox Extensions
  • Legacy Firefox Addon

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