Beatnik Alternatives

Beatnik Alternatives


Beatnik is a service that aggregates links for music streaming services given a song or album. It's available directly online or through Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

Supported services include:
- Apple Music
- Google Play Music
- Soundcloud
- Spotify

Best Beatnik Alternatives

Looking for some programs similar to Beatnik? Here are the top-recommended programs we found. Let's take a look if there's anything out there that helps you on whatever platform you're using.




Use one link to automatically route fans to the music they love, in the apps they love. With more than 50 different music services supported, we make it painless to set...

Share your music or podcast with one link easily to all major streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Deeezer, YouTube, Apple Music, Tidal and more.
FreeWeb provides an easy way to promote your music across all streaming services using a single smart link. Create a beautiful landing page linking to your music on...


  • Custom URLs
  • URL Forwarding

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