Blok Kirma Oyunu Alternatives

Blok Kirma Oyunu Alternatives

Blok Kirma Oyunu

Block Breaking Game

Fun Block Breaking Game 3D

While playing on the bus, on the road, while waiting, please play a simple nice excellent game ...

Play the renewed Block Breaking Game to satisfy your nostalgia craving.

The aim of the Block Breaking and Places Game game is to create horizontal rows with no gaps in between, by ensuring that the blocks falling from the top of the two-dimensional game area are controlled.
The blocks can be controlled by rotating them clockwise (or counterclockwise in some types) and moving left and right on the horizontal axis.
Each block consists of four pieces and they are named according to the letters they resemble.
These letters are I, J, L, O, S, T and Z.

Block Breaking Game is an addictive puzzle game that starts it all and embraces our universal desire to create order from chaos.
The Block Breaking Game game was made by Alexey Pajitnov, the product of Alexey's computer programming experience and love of puzzles, in 1984.
In the following decades, the Block Breaking Game has become one of the most successful and recognizable video games appearing on almost any game platform available.
This page is the official target for the free online single player Block Breaking Game.
Download to start playing one of the most popular puzzle games in the world.

Best Blok Kirma Oyunu Alternatives

Looking for a program that is like Blok Kirma Oyunu? We have our top picks here. If you need another program that has some of the features of Blok Kirma Oyunu on your device, read what we recommend in this post.

SSuite Tetris 2D Game

SSuite Tetris 2D Game


SSuite Tetris 2D are game pieces shaped like tetrominoes, geometric shapes composed of four square blocks each. A random sequence of Tetris blocks fall down the playing...


  • 2D Game
  • Gaming
  • Portable
Block Puzzle - Free tetris

Block Puzzle - Free tetris

FreeAndroidAndroid Tablet

Block Puzzle - Free tetris game is greatest and smoothest block puzzle game. Block Puzzle game is a really amazing game that recalls old memories.

Block Puzzle - The Guardian Of Jewel Legend 2020

Block Puzzle - The Guardian Of Jewel Legend 2020

FreeAndroidAndroid Tablet

Free offline tetris like android puzzle game play anywhere at anytime. Very small game size compatible for all low and high spec mobiles and So family friendly suitable...

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