Copy PlainText Alternatives

Copy PlainText Alternatives

Copy PlainText

Copy PlainText is a tiny multi-process extension that removes the formatting from the selection before saving to the Clipboard.


Multi Process Compatible
Removes the formatting from the selection before saving to the Clipboard
(Firefox restricts some functions on some URLs.)
Removes the spaces from the start and end of the selection
Removes multiple spaces
2 Keyboard Shortcuts: F7 and original Ctrl+Shift+F7 (FF53+) (v1.2)

Best Copy PlainText Alternatives

Are you trying to find the best programs like Copy PlainText? Have a look at this post and weigh in on your thoughts. Cool!




PureText is a tiny (13Kb) application for Windows that allows you to paste text to any application without formatting, using a hotkey (default Win + V). The tool is...


  • No installation
  • Portable
Copy Plain Text 2

Copy Plain Text 2

FreeWindowsWaterfoxPale MoonFirefox

With this addon you can copy selected text without any formatting such as italic, bold, font size, etc. Just select text, right click and from context menu choose...


  • Firefox Extensions
  • Legacy Firefox Addon

Copy PlainText Reviews

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