Counter by Mikrasya Alternatives

Counter by Mikrasya Alternatives

Counter by Mikrasya

Counter is a simple yet powerful tally counter for iPhone.

Counter has the following features:
? 10 counters
? Rename each counter as you want
? Simple interface
? Select the step size for your count (-10 to 10)
? Lock specific counter for preventing accidental change
? View the log for each counter (exact time of each count)

Best Counter by Mikrasya Alternatives

For the best Counter by Mikrasya alternative check out these alternatives which will work with your device & platform. There are several Counter by Mikrasya-like software that you might want to check as well.




1 sheep. 2 sheep. 3 sheep. 4 sheep. 5 sheep. 6 sheep. … Exhausting, isn’t it? To help you with this hard job, get +1! You can count on it to count anything for you

Plus One

Plus One


A bouncer outside a noisy night club, brothers on a road trip, a foursome of golfers, two friends jumping rope, an olympic coach, a carny, second cousins playing corn...

Bumping Car

Bumping Car


Its game about 2 cars where 2 cars puts your hand-eye coordination to the brain test. Bumping Car is an addictive puzzle game for you to enjoy with your friends and...


  • Gaming
  • Puzzle Games

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