DiffBot Alternatives

DiffBot Alternatives


Why Diffbot?

We're focused exclusively on getting you better web data.
Some of the reasons hundreds of customers make (hundreds of) millions of calls every month:

#The Web's Best Content Extractor:

Diffbot works automatically—without rules or training. There's no better way to extract data from web pages. See how Diffbot stacks up to other content extraction methods:
Feature Comparison Text-Extraction Quality Shootout

#Identify Pages Automatically:

Use the Analyze API to automatically find and extract all products, articles, discussions or images while crawling any site.
Analyze API

#Detailed product data:

The Product API automatically returns complete product info, including all pricing data, product IDs, brand and full specifications tables.
Product API

#Clean text and html:

Articles, discussion threads, product descriptions and image captions are returned in pure text and sanitized HTML.
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#Structured Search:

Search structured content from any crawl on-the-fly using our Search API, returning only the matching results.


¤ All APIs execute Javascript so content is parsed like a regular browser.
¤ Works on most non-English pages thanks to visual processing.
¤ Date normalization: Datestamps are normalized and presented in RFC 1123 (HTTP/1.1) standard format.
¤ Multipage articles are automatically joined together in a single API response.
¤ Entity extraction: automatic tagging identifies major topics and entities within article text.
¤ Fix any issues realtime with the API Toolkit.
¤ Bulk API allows the extraction of hundreds to hundreds-of-thousands of pages.
¤ Access Crawlbot and Bulk job data in full JSON or CSV formats.
¤ Optionally crawl using a diverse array of IP addresses.

Best DiffBot Alternatives

Looking for some programs similar to DiffBot? Here are the top-recommended programs we found. Let's take a look if there's anything out there that helps you on whatever platform you're using.

UI.Vision RPA

UI.Vision RPA


Open-source task and test automation tool and Selenium IDE. The UI.Vision RPA software is a browser extension that can do desktop automation as well! Use it for web...


  • Workflow Automation
  • Screenshot OCR
  • Command line interface
  • Screen scraping
  • Firefox Extensions
  • Works Offline
  • Robot Process Automation
  • Compatible with Selenium IDE
  • Visual UI testing
  • Automatic Form-Filler
  • Browser integration
  • Google Chrome Extensions
  • Data export/import
  • Robotic automation
  • UI testing
  • Direct file uploading
  • Screenshot Tools
  • Anonymous web scraping
  • Auto update
  • Business process automation
  • Code completion
  • Create Macro
  • Cross browser testing
  • Image recognition
  • Marketing automation
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Scripting
  • Scripting language
  • Selenium testing
  • Software Testing Tool
  • Task Automation
  • Test automation
  • Support for Unicode
  • Web Development
  • Web Testing
  • Website monitoring
  • Auto-Refresh


FreeOpen SourceMacWindowsLinuxWeb

An open-source visual scraping tool that lets you scrape the web without coding, built by Scrapy creators.

CommercialMacWindowsLinux is a free web-based platform that lets you extract data from the web without writing any code.




Diggernaut is a cloud-based service for web scraping, data extraction, and other ETL tasks. Schedule and run your scrapers in the cloud or compile and run on your PC.



FreemiumOpen SourceWeb

Apify is a web scraping and automation platform - it extracts data from websites, crawls lists of URLs and automates workflows on the web. Turn any website into an API!.


  • Anonymous web scraping
  • Headless
  • Jquery crawler
  • Serverless



Scrapinghub is the most advanced platform for deploying and running web crawlers (also known as "spiders"). It allows your organization to build crawlers...


  • Data Mining
  • Web-Based



Extracty can extract any web data and create an API to the webpage's information.


  • Api
  • Data Mining
  • Seo
  • Web-Based



Turn web page content into structured data all without coding. *Important* - Mozenda uses a Windows application that must be installed on Windows Vista or newer


  • Data Mining
  • No coding required


We crawl the web so you don't have to. Our crawlers download and structure millions of posts a day, we store and index the data so all you have to do is to define...


  • Data Mining
  • Search engine


CommercialWebSoftware as a Service (SaaS)

Scrape and extract data from any product page without getting blocked ! is a great tool for web developers who need to scrape data from a...

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