Doris Alternatives

Doris Alternatives


Doris Desktop is a no-clutter Task Management app for people who want to get things done (requires an Internet connection).

Since 2008 Doris has been helping tens of thousands of users worldwide stay on top of their todo lists. In addition to the popular web and iPhone apps, we’re excited to introduce Doris Desktop to the Mac App Store. Use Doris to take notes, make shopping lists, set goals, plan work and get things done. The easy-to-use interface is simple enough to learn in minutes and doesn’t impose a workflow so you can use Doris however it suits you.

Let Doris help you take your productivity to the next level!


• keep up to date with your tasks on your Mac and synchronise with the Doris web app (register for FREE)
• companion iPhone app available
• never lose your work, all data duplicated on server with redundant backups
• easily manage hundreds of tasks, full sync takes less than 1 second for 500 tasks on a broadband connection
• allocate time estimates per task to get an overview of total time required for projects


• pared down user interface lets you focus on only what’s important: getting stuff done today
• single view lets you manage groups, tasks and view task descriptions all in one glance
• contexts, tags and other clutter specifically omitted
• one-click instant search
• keyboard shortcuts provided for all actions for rapid task entry
• drag and drop tasks to organise by group or re-prioritise
• mark tasks as Important or to be done Today with one click
• all ungrouped tasks can be quickly added to the Inbox for organising later


• iCal and Address Book integration using OS X Data Detectors
• smart links within task descriptions


Use Help > Send Feedback to let us know what you think, email [email protected] or follow us on Twitter @dorisapp

Simplify your life by offloading your tasks to Doris. Focus on what’s most important!

Best Doris Alternatives

Hate Doris? Use another browser! Which one should you go with? Try out these other browsers before making your final decision. Want some more context? We've got a great list of alternatives to Doris here.

Office Online

Office Online

FreeWebMicrosoft Edge

Office Online is an online office suite offered by Microsoft, which allows users an easy way to access, view, create and edit documents using lightweight, web...



CommercialWebAndroidiPhoneAndroid TabletiPad

A cloud-based productivity platform for enterprises to collect, link, report, and analyze business data with control.


  • Database
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office
  • Real time collaboration
  • Spreadsheets
  • Version and Source control
OfficeWork Office Online

OfficeWork Office Online

FreeOpen SourceWebChromeFirefox

OfficeWork is an office online suite that provides a Document, Presentation and Spreadsheet Editor to edit documents, excel spreadsheets and powerpoint slides using the...

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