Fast Page Scroll Alternatives

Fast Page Scroll Alternatives

Fast Page Scroll

Scrolling up and down a very long page using the mouse wheel is a horrible user experience. If you are a PC user, who uses Chrome, this extension will save you lots and lots of time.

After installation you will be able to automatically scroll to the top or bottom of any page lightening fast. Just double-click on the top or bottom right area and the page (where usually there is no content). No additional buttons are added to your browser.

This is a feature I encountered at Basecamp, so the credit goes to 37signals. I liked it so much that I developed the extension to be able to use it on any webpage. I think it will be useful for everyone.

Please note that it's not possible to use this feature on the Chrome web store website ( ) because of restrictions to JS/CSS, which are the technologies used in this and most other extensions.

Best Fast Page Scroll Alternatives

Looking for a program that is like Fast Page Scroll? We have our top picks here. If you need another program that has some of the features of Fast Page Scroll on your device, read what we recommend in this post.

Google Quick Scroll

Google Quick Scroll


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