Gbanga Famiglia Alternatives

Gbanga Famiglia Alternatives

Gbanga Famiglia

Become the Mafioso of your neighborhood! With Gbanga, you will conquer your favorite real-world places, collect items, make new friends and participate in exciting quests. Gameplay happens on the streets and anywhere in the world, with real bars and nightclubs being taken-over by you on the move.

Conquered establishments become the property of the Famiglia and, in this way, whole cities can be captured. The more you explore the more points you can score.


Uses GPS to locate you in the game world at your real-life location
Take-over real-world establishments such as bars, restaurants and clubs
Collect virtual items such as wallets, diamonds and Mona Lisa paintings
Chat with other players around the world
Pick and drop virtual characters at real-world locations
Discover new places and create a colorful flag for them
Use the friend radar option in the map mode
Trade the items in your inventory with friends and other players
Challenge your arch-rivals and ally with other players
Innovative real-time effects like day/night cycle and real current weather conditions
Numerous quests on a weekly base
It’s multiplayer, mixed-reality, location-based, augmented-reality, LBS, AR, MMRPG, MMO and MMTRG

Best Gbanga Famiglia Alternatives

Are you still using Gbanga Famiglia? Let's compare it to the best other options below. Maybe one of these Gbanga Famiglia alternatives will work on your device, too.

Landlord - Real Estate Tycoon

Landlord - Real Estate Tycoon


A location based, real world property game that allows you to buy venues you visit and then earn rent as people check in at those properties in real-time!.


  • Gaming
  • Location-based
  • Mmo
  • Simulation



Cashsquare is an exciting new location-based gaming app that brings the most loved board-game mechanic into the real world on your mobile phone and lets you experience...


  • Gaming
  • Simulation

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