Ice Void Alternatives

Ice Void Alternatives

Ice Void

"Shocking and refreshing.Everest summit has never been more real"
Olga K.

"Nerve-wrecking game that made me want to practice mountaineering. This game sets the bar for choice-based adventures even higher."
Ross V.

"One of the best survival games i've ever had the privilege to play. Original plot, great aesthetics and a very sympathetic main character"
Alexander N.

28 000 feet above the sea level. Only a quarter of oxygen to breathe. Human brain cells are dying every second. Swedish Mount Everest expedition has gone all wrong after the snow storm. Meet Bjorn - the only survivor left with wounds, scarse resources and a transmitter. The choices you make on your iPhone and Apple Watch define the outcome of the game for Bjorn in real time.

Every decision can influence or even radically change the fate of Bjorn - and the possibilities are endless. Choose the exact Descent Route (North, South, couloirs) and face its real dangers and mysteries; climb down fast or slowly explore the breathtaking views of the Highest Mountain through the eyes of the climber.

Ice Void is a gripping story of survival on the top of Mount Everest. Written with careful attention to Nepalese geography and based on dozens of climbers interviews and accounts - the game storyline delivers an unmatched "as real as it gets" Everest experience.

Ice Void is a mind blowing game that would keep your adrenaline pumped up for days and weeks to come.

Best Ice Void Alternatives

Need an alternative to Ice Void? Read on. We've looked at the best Ice Void alternatives available for Windows, Mac and Android.




Cinders is a visual novel where you make decisions that guide the retelling of a classic fairy tale.



CommercialMacWindowsAndroidiPhoneAndroid TabletiPadSteam

Lifeline is a playable, branching story of survival against all odds. Using your device, you will help Taylor make life or death decisions, and face the consequences...


  • Gaming
  • Storyline
  • Text-based
Project Hyrax: Beyond Time

Project Hyrax: Beyond Time


Project Hyrax is a text adventure thriller game in which the story plays out in real time. You will read Robin’s messages and make decisions from the simplest to the...


  • Free to play
  • Gaming
  • Sci-fi

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