Infiniboard Alternatives

Infiniboard Alternatives


Vertically scroll your home screen pages! Infiniboard lets you add as many icons as you want to each page of your jailbroken iPhone, and access them through a flick up and down.

Many settings provide full customization - and resprings do not mess up your icons.

This app is available in the Cydia app store (jailbroken iOS devices only).

Best Infiniboard Alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives to Infiniboard? Please see our top picks. In this article, we provide the list of some Infiniboard alternatives that will work on Windows and other platforms.

Five-Column Springboard

Five-Column Springboard


Adds a fifth column to the homescreen of your jailbroken iOS device.




Iconoclasm is a tweak that lets you break the barriers of what you can do with the app icons of your jailbroken iOS device. You can define as many rows or columns you...

Infiniboard Reviews

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