Koinonein Torrent Editor Alternatives

Koinonein Torrent Editor Alternatives

Koinonein Torrent Editor

Bulk Editing Torrent Files

Koinonein Torrent Editor makes it easy to edit unlimited .torrent files at once, just click Add Torrents or drag and drop .torrent files on to Koinonein Torrent Editor then select the options you want to change.

Modernize Torrent Files

Koinonein Torrent Editor let’s you bring old .torrent files up to date by adding new trackers, collections, similar torrents, DHT nodes and Web Seeds.

Collections allow you to hint to other torrents that share the same files as the torrent you are creating, for example “seriesname.season1” added to you torrent will attempt to get files from other torrents who share this collection.

Similar torrents works the same way as Collections except instead of a string identifier you are entering the hash of the the other torrent or torrents that share files with the one you are creating.

DHT nodes allows you to add a hostname and a port number where there is a DHT node running. This is useful for trackerless torrents as it can be used by BitTorrent clients to bootstrap their DHT node from.

Koinonein Torrent Editor will optionally fetch you a list of working and verified trackers so that you can use these with your torrents.

Using Koinonein Torrent Editor

Once you have added .torrent files to Koinonein Torrent Editor you just enter in the new information you would like to appear in the .torrent files then click Edit Torrents.

If you have selected a folder in the Save Folder option then the .torrent files to be edited will be saved there and the original .torrent files will remain untouched otherwise the original .torrent files will be overwritten.

Best Koinonein Torrent Editor Alternatives

Hate Koinonein Torrent Editor? Use another browser! Which one should you go with? Try out these other browsers before making your final decision. Want some more context? We've got a great list of alternatives to Koinonein Torrent Editor here.

Torrent File Editor

Torrent File Editor

FreeOpen SourceMacWindowsLinux

Torrent File Editor download. Torrent File Editor; VERSION 2016-06-29. Torrent File Editor Qt based GUI tool designed to create and edit .torrent files Create...


  • Modal editor
  • Portable
bittorrent tracker editor

bittorrent tracker editor

FreeOpen SourceMacWindowsLinux

will add/remove bittorrent tracker from the torrent file(s). This software works on Windows XP SP3, Windows 7+, macOS and Linux.

Koinonein Torrent Editor Reviews

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