Medieval Alternatives

Medieval Alternatives


With the help of Finale, the number one music notation software, the new Medieval plug-in offers you the possibility to produce professional transcriptions of early music easily, from Gregorian square notation to Italian mixed notation, with a beautiful rendering. Medieval gives you a wide choice of tools such as automatic recognition of neumes (more than 80!) up to 7 notes, liquescences, automatic placing of the "direct", stemmed note groupings, and numerous special symbols: quilisma, rests, plicas, large ligatures, black-void notation, etc.

Medieval™ for Finale 2000 to Finale 2010
Windows XP, Vista, 7; Mac OS X 10.4 bis 10.6 (not OS X 10.7, PowerPC or Rosetta environment)

Best Medieval Alternatives

Need an alternative to Medieval? Read on. We've looked at the best Medieval alternatives available for Windows, Mac and Android.




GregEdit is a software conceived to publish scores of Gregorian chant. This new multiwindows version is of typeDraw oriented objects: i.e. like the drawings of...




Program operation is very close to that of a vector drawing package, specific knowledge is not required for using it. Its very intuitive design enables easy access for...

Medieval Reviews

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