Merrier Alternatives

Merrier Alternatives


Anxiety — isn’t it a nightmare? It’s got 4% of the world in its cold grip.

But there’s good news! It’s actually a highly treatable problem. You can finally beat the monster that’s taken over your life.

Merrier helps you overcome anxiety by transforming your worries into an addictive game. Conquer your fears and build confidence as you complete quests and win rewards!

- A fun, colorful environment!
- Set your worries as quests and battle them
- Win rewards like coins and trophies for completing quests
- Climb leaderboards
- Track your progress along maps and charts of your journey
- Customize your profile

How is Merrier different?
There are some awesome apps out there for managing stress! How is Merrier different?
- Merrier is the first app to turn therapy into 100% a game. It’s a colourful, fun and positive environment!
- Your rewarded for conquering your fears!
- You’re encouraged to take actionable steps so you can see progress right away.
- You can track your progress along beautiful maps and charts of your journey.
- Merrier is supported by research! It borrows concepts from CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and uses proven techniques to banish your fears.

Best Merrier Alternatives

Looking for some programs similar to Merrier? Here are the top-recommended programs we found. Let's take a look if there's anything out there that helps you on whatever platform you're using.



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Declutter The Mind


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