nodemon Alternatives

nodemon Alternatives


Nodemon is a utility that will monitor for any changes in your source and automatically restart your server. Perfect for development. Install it using npm.

Just use nodemon instead of node to run your code, and now your process will automatically restart when your code changes. To install, get node.js, then from your terminal run:

npm install -g nodemon


Automatic restarting of application.
Detects default file extension to monitor.
Default support for node & coffeescript, but easy to run any executable (such as python, make, etc).
Ignoring specific files or directories.
Watch specific directories.
Works with server applications or one time run utilities and REPLs.
Requirable in node apps.
Open source and available on github.

Best nodemon Alternatives

Looking for some programs similar to nodemon? Here are the top-recommended programs we found. Let's take a look if there's anything out there that helps you on whatever platform you're using.



FreemiumOpen SourceMacWindowsLinux

Advanced process manager for production Node.js applications. Load balancer, logs facility, startup script, micro service management, at a glance. PM2 plus for...

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