OWASP Dependency-Track Alternatives

OWASP Dependency-Track Alternatives

OWASP Dependency-Track

Modern applications leverage the availability of existing components for use as building blocks in application development. By using existing components, organizations can dramatically decrease time-to-market. Reusing existing components however, comes at a cost. Organizations that build on top of existing components assume risk for software they did not create. Vulnerabilities in third-party components are inherited by all applications that use those components. The OWASP Top Ten (2013 and 2017) both recognize the risk of using components with known vulnerabilities.

Dependency-Track is a Software Composition Analysis (SCA) platform that keeps track of all third-party components used in all the applications an organization creates or consumes. It integrates with multiple vulnerability databases including the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), Node Security Platform (NSP), and VulnDB from Risk Based Security. Dependency-Track monitors all applications in its portfolio in order to proactively identify vulnerabilities in components that are placing your applications at risk.

Dependency-Track is designed to be used in an automated DevOps environment where Dependency-Check results or specific BOM (Bill of Material) formats are automatically ingested during CI/CD. Use of the Dependency-Check Jenkins Plugin is highly recommended for this purpose and is well suited for use in Jenkins Pipeline. In such an environment, Dependency-Track enables your DevOps teams to accelerate while still keeping tabs on component usage and any inherited risk.

Dependency-Track can also be used to monitor vulnerabilities in COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) software.

Best OWASP Dependency-Track Alternatives

When deciding on the best OWASP Dependency-Track alternative, consider these alternatives. Check out these other software with a similar interface and features as well.



CommercialWebSelf-HostedSoftware as a Service (SaaS)

WhiteSource empowers businesses to develop better software by harnessing the power of open source.


  • Dependencies
  • Vulneraility Scanning
  • Continuous Integration
  • FOSS
  • Security monitoring
Black Duck Software

Black Duck Software


Organizations worldwide use Black Duck products to secure and manage open source software, eliminating pain related to open source security vulnerabilities and open...




FOSSA offers automated license scanning, dependency analysis and reports at each commit. Get a process up an running in 60 seconds, without slowing down development.

WhiteSource Renovate

WhiteSource Renovate

FreemiumOpen SourceWebSelf-HostedGitHub MarketplaceDockerGitLab

Automated dependency updates for GitHub and GitLab with support for npm, Docker, and Bazel dependencies.


  • Dependency Tracking
  • Support for Docker
  • Dockerized
  • GitHub integration
  • Gitlab integration
  • NPM
WhiteSource Bolt

WhiteSource Bolt

FreeWebSoftware as a Service (SaaS)GitHubAzure DevOpsMicrosoft Visual Studio

WhiteSource Bolt is a FREE tool that scans all of your projects to detect vulnerable open source components. It provides actionable remediation paths to enable a quick...

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