Pebble AllInOne Alternatives

Pebble AllInOne Alternatives

Pebble AllInOne

With the Pebble AllInOne Watchface you have all important information always on your watch. Additionally you can control your music using gestures!

In addition to time and date, you always know, what the weather will be like. You can choose, which weather information you want to see: wind speed, rain probability, humidity or cloud cover. Of course the temperature is always displayed. You can choose out of three weather providers. Two of them are free!

You won't need to look at your phone anymore, because all the information you need is on your watch. You can see the battery status of the watch, as well as of your phone. It shows the ringer state (normal, vibrate, silent), if your watch is connected to your phone, the signal strength of your phone and if it is connected to the internet.

You can even see the currently playing song or your next event of your calendars on your watch.
The best part is, that you are able to control your music on the phone with gestures without using one single finger. You can choose the next or the previous track with a flick.

Best Pebble AllInOne Alternatives

Are you still using Pebble AllInOne? Let's compare it to the best other options below. Maybe one of these Pebble AllInOne alternatives will work on your device, too.




Pebble manages your incoming calls, emails, messages, notifications, and more. Organize the past, present, and future with a new timeline interface. Track steps and...



FreeOpen SourceAndroid

A free and cloudless replacement for your gadget vendors' closed source Android applications. Supports Pebble, Mi Band, Liveview, HPlus and more.


  • Life Logging & Quantified Self
  • Support for Smartwatch
Pebble Tools

Pebble Tools


You can use this app with your Pebble watch (Pebble Tools Installed on your watch) to control you phone to: * Take Photo * Record audio and play the last record...

Pebble Plus

Pebble Plus


Pebble Plus is a third-party app for the Pebble Watch that increase the use of it. You can even use your phone camera with it!

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