PhoneBeamer Alternatives

PhoneBeamer Alternatives


With PhoneBeamer you can present your phones screen in a browser simply by scanning a QR Code on the website .

And your phones-screen doesn't get published to the whole internet - just in your local network, because the internet-website is only a broker between your local browser and your phone.

Your phone and your browser only needs to be in the same network - like the same wifi.

How it works:

- check that computer and phone are in the same network
- start a browser on your computer
- browse to
- press the "Start"-Button and then scan the QR-Code on the site and allow the app the access to your screen
- wait a second now your Screen is mirrored in your browser.
- and enjoy your session ;)
To stop simply navigate back to the app and press the "Stop"-Button.

Then you can watch the screen on your own or present it to others via Skype, WebEx, or more using a traditional video projector.
On the website, you can switch to full-screen-mode and even download screenshots.
You can use it in nearly Browser on a PC, Mac, Tablet or even another smartphone.
We always test with Chrome and Mozilla. Users reported it even works in Internet Explorer, but there seems to be an issue with Microsoft Edge.

Best PhoneBeamer Alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives to PhoneBeamer? Please see our top picks. In this article, we provide the list of some PhoneBeamer alternatives that will work on Windows and other platforms.




Screen share instantly for free using Screenleap. Screenleap makes it really easy to share your computer screen. You can share your screen with as many people as you...


  • Share your screen
  • Remote desktop
  • Wikipedia integration



Broadcast your screen for presentations and training sessions Let others watch your screen from their own computer. Watch from over the internet or a...


  • Desktop Sharing
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Online Training
  • Remote Support
  • Share your screen

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