RendezVu Alternatives

RendezVu Alternatives


We want to change the way people meet up: RendezVu aspires to combine Citymapper’s ease of navigation with Dojo-style recommendations.

RendezVu finds the most convenient area for you and a friend to meet up in a city based on travel time, then offers suggestions on the best spots in that location. An added bonus: it also gives you both transport directions to get there, making RendezVu a one stop, all-inclusive planning app.

What sets RendezVu apart?

- Unlike many city travel apps which take the user from A to B, RendezVu focusses instead on two users at A and B finding the convenient middle point, C.

- In many instances the new point, C, will be a change to both parties. Therefore, RendezVu acts not only as a travel, meet-up app, but also as a lifestyle app, helping users discover new spots in a city in a more focussed and useful way.

- RendezVu is global. RendezVu works in most cities with a subway system, giving it a truly global reach.

Best RendezVu Alternatives

Need an alternative to RendezVu? Read on. We've looked at the best RendezVu alternatives available for Windows, Mac and Android.




See who is around you right now and where to find them online! Viewbubble is a small geolocation application for Android, scan the area around you to get a list of...

FreeAndroid bridges the gap between available time and availability of friends to increase social contacts in real life by simply using the mobile device in your pocket....




Meeba gives you real-time travel information and help everywhere you are from people who are there with you.


  • Community based
  • Location-based
  • Mobile apps
  • Real-time
  • Social network
  • Travel Guide

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