RoboGarden Alternatives

RoboGarden Alternatives


RoboGarden is an e-learning game that enables students from grade 1 through 9 to learn how to code using the 'Visual Blocky System'. Our platform further integrates with educators to be used in classrooms and with parents to monitor child progress. The platform was built using a 'teacher-first' approach. It allows teachers who are not familiar with coding to teach coding to their students!

Best RoboGarden Alternatives

Looking for other RoboGarden-like programs? We've rounded up our favorites RoboGarden alternatives. Try any one of these fan favorites to see if they'll support your system and meet your specific needs.



FreemiumWebAndroidiPhoneAndroid TabletiPadMinecraft

Creative computing platform for kids to learn to code, build and mod games like Minecraft.

RoboGarden Reviews

Add your reviews & share your experience when using RoboGarden to the world. Your opinion will be useful to others who are looking for the best RoboGarden alternatives.

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