SMQ IoT LED Control Alternatives

SMQ IoT LED Control Alternatives

SMQ IoT LED Control

SMQ, (Simple Message Queues), is an easy to use IoT/ M2M publish subscribe protocol designed and optimized for embedded systems providing instantaneous Edge Node connectivity. The solution allows resource constrained real-time control, analysis, and updates.

Web Based Publish-Subscribe

The SMQ protocol structure delivers a hybrid event-driven communication approach for information dissemination using WebSockets as a communication protocol within a Publish/Subscribe paradigm.

Message Structure – Event-Driven, Websockets, Pub/Sub

Pub/Sub pattern operation for propagating data close to real-time creating a practical environment, while taking advantage of Web 2.0 usage by Restful web services. Messages are coordinated and integrated among software components as software applications change over time, and are transferred from one machine to another over unreliable wireless networks.

• Publish-Subscribe
• Asynchronous Communication
• 1-to-1 Messaging via P2P Tunnel
• 1-to-Many Messaging
• Ephemeral Topic IDs
• RPC (Remote Procedure Call) Compatible
• Hierarchical Topic Structures
• Client Supervision
• Designed for Constrained Devices
• 1 QOS (Quality of Service) Level
• Persistent Messages
• Web of Things IoT Bridging
• Light on the Network (Fixed Headers)

Best SMQ IoT LED Control Alternatives

For the best SMQ IoT LED Control alternative check out these alternatives which will work with your device & platform. There are several SMQ IoT LED Control-like software that you might want to check as well.

Android Things

Android Things


Build connected devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail, and industrial applications.


  • Cryptocurrency
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Remote monitoring


FreemiumMacWindowsLinuxWebAndroidiPhoneChrome OSiPad

thethings.iO makes a real-time IoT cloud solution that supports REST, MQTT, CoAP and Websockets. It has a free account up to 3 devices, and then charges 1 Euro per...


  • Backend
  • Cryptocurrency
  • MQTT
  • Real-time

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