Sprite Monkey Alternatives

Sprite Monkey Alternatives

Sprite Monkey

Sprite Monkey is the smallest and fastest sprite editor without sacrificing features! Quickly edit your sprite sheet/strip, aka “texture atlas”, in a simple uncluttered user interface. Easily create sprite coordinate scripts in the “no plugin” script editor for any game engine or programming language. Export custom PNG images not found in other editors for a smaller file size.

- Load Image Folder – Import a folder of images. Images can be of various size and format. Sequence images load best when numbered. If your last image has double digits (MyImage25.png) then the first image should have double digits (MyImage01.png), else the images will not load in order or load alphabetically.
- Import Image – Import a single image. If you already have images loaded, this image will be put at the end of the list.
- Delete Image – Deletes an image. Image id's will be automatically recalculated and put back in numerical order.
- Drag & Drop – Drag and drop a folder of images, an image or even a Sprite Monkey Project file!
- Auto Scaling Canvas – The canvas is reduced to the width and height of the image layout and auto scales if needed when moving images around.
- Multi-Grid Canvas – Three grid colors are set by 8, 32 and 128 pixels for easy image placement.
- Script Editor – The "no plugin" script editor allows you to easily create and export sprite coordinate scripts for any game engine
or programming language such as Xcode, HTML5, Cocos2d, PureBasic, etc.
- Save your work to a Sprite Monkey Project file. All your images and current progress are saved into a compressed "*.smpf" file.
- Full screen support for OS X 10.6 and up. Yes, even OS X 10.6 has full screen support!

Best Sprite Monkey Alternatives

If you want similar software to Sprite Monkey, we have a list for that. Are there Sprite Monkey alternatives out there? Let's find out.




Free Adobe Air app for Windows and Mac OSX with drag and drop - and clipbord Game Development tools.




Make your spritesheets fast and efficiently !

FreeOpen SourceMacWindowsLinuxWebChrome OSSelf-Hosted

An open source sprite sheet packer. More tools coming soon.

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