StreamFurious Alternatives

StreamFurious Alternatives


StreamFurious is a streaming audio app for your Android Phone. Plays Shoutcast/Icecast MP3 streams (PLS/M3U from the browser), Auto-updating/customizable list of channels, and Plays in status bar.

Best StreamFurious Alternatives

If you want similar software to StreamFurious, we have a list for that. Are there StreamFurious alternatives out there? Let's find out.

A Online Radio

A Online Radio


Online Radio app for Android: with the Arrival of "OnlineRadio" app, which can play all channels of shoutcast, icecast ( mp3/m3u/pls and mainly AAC, AACP), the...

StreamFurious Reviews

Add your reviews & share your experience when using StreamFurious to the world. Your opinion will be useful to others who are looking for the best StreamFurious alternatives.

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