What's in your fridge! Alternatives

What's in your fridge! Alternatives

What's in your fridge!

Too tired or lazy to go outside get some food or too broke to order in?

You want to make something fast and easy to satisfy your tummy without buying new groceries?

We've got the perfect solution for you! And it’s FREE!

With What’s in your fridge! you will be able to prepare simple recipes with the ingredients already sitting in your fridge.

You can then snap the dish you've just prepared for yourself and proudly share it with your friends via Twitter and Facebook.

Best What's in your fridge! Alternatives

When deciding on the best What's in your fridge! alternative, consider these alternatives. Check out these other software with a similar interface and features as well.

Kitchen Guru

Kitchen Guru


Ever wonder what is the best temperature for baking potatoes or which watermelon will be the juiciest? Then kitchen guru is the app for you! Learn to select, store...



FreemiumWebAndroidiPhoneWindows PhoneiPadApple WatchKindle Fire

This next-generation kitchen companion enables food lovers to search for professionally created and tested recipes, make interactive shopping lists, follow step-by-step...


  • Ingredient search
  • Grocery list
  • Recipe Management
iFood Assistant

iFood Assistant

FreemiumAndroidiPhoneBlackberryWindows Phone

Treat yourself to the most appetizing app on the planet—the iFood Assistant. Delicious at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. It's smart. It's fun. And...

Ingredient Pairings

Ingredient Pairings


Ingredient Pairings tells you what ingredients go well together in a recipe. Use this to build your own recipes or add to existing ones. Note that only the online...

Help Cook

Help Cook

FreemiumAndroidAndroid Tablet

This app will not help big restaurant chefs in their daily work. What this app will help is more for small eateries, small time cooks working in food trucks, mom-and-pop...

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