ARTigo Alternatives

ARTigo Alternatives


ARTigo is an online game with the aim to supply artworks with tags. The same artwork is simultaneously shown to you and a co-player. The game now consists in describing the artwork accurately with tags. A tag can describe what you see on the artwork or remarks on style, quality or emotions. For each artwork, you have 60 seconds for your input. You get points for the tags identical to the ones entered by your co-player or another player in a previous round. The more tags per artwork are matched, the more points you get during the five rounds of the game. Every entered tag is saved and improves the search for artworks. As for the search however, only those tags entered at least twice for an artwork and thus marked in blue are relevant.

Best ARTigo Alternatives

Looking for the best programs similar to ARTigo? We reviewed our top picks below. Let's see if there are any ARTigo alternatives that work on your platform.

Book Tag

Book Tag


Help the British Library catalog their collection


  • CrowdSourced
  • Gaming
  • Book manager
  • Tagging



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